Saturday, January 3, 2015

Find Me at Instagram

I've been posting my quilting and sewing projects on Instagram.  While the photos aren't nearly as nice and there isn't a pretty blog page to look at, I can at least share with ease.  Hope to find you there.  If I am not already following along with you on Instagram, please follow me, my user name is Kbeltt, so I can find you.

It's a new year, let's hope for the best and happiest days of creating great quilty and crafty treasures.  Happy New Year!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Made For Each Other...

I found this old ladder at the Red Rooster, a sweet antique and prim shop located here in my new hometown.   I finished up my Schnibbles Decoy quilt and like the way it looks on my ladder.  I want to make a few more of the Schnibbles quilts cause they fit so nicely on this ladder, and, I have several of Carrie's patterns to choose from because my quilter friends, Carol and Mary gifted me some of my favorite patterns...knew I'd get around to making a few of those fun lil quilts, was just a matter of time!

Happy piecing!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Monterrey Medallion

As promised, here is my Monterrey Medallion quilt.  This is a Terry Atkison design.  I bought the fabric kit and book from a MN quilt shop, The Noble Quilter.  The shop owner's daughter, Jess, is responsible for assembling this unique combination of fabrics, as you can see, she did an awesome job of it!

There really is no room for error while cutting and piecing this quilt.  Accuracy is extremely important.  There is a ton of cutting and sewing involved in creating this design, but now that I have all of that behind me, I am so glad I took the leap of faith in my ability to get this one done.  It was my winter brain was a very long winter, lol, I needed the challenge!

So that's it.  I love love this quilt.  Hope this inspirers you to challenge yourself, it's worth it.

Happy quilting!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sneaking in with a peek.

I may not post to my blog on a regular basis but I do piece quilts.  Here's a sneak peek at my most recent quilt that will soon be on it's way home from Quilt Hollow.  I am so excited about this quilt!  It's a pretty awesome finish for me cause this quilt was a challenge with a lot of cutting and sewing that went on for weeks.

With any luck at all, I'll be back soon to show you a freshly bound quilt, all washed and crinkly, just the way I like it, and with more information about the pattern and fabric I used.  

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My life has been through some huge changes this past year!  Most of which have been positive changes.  Life changing for sure.  I will sit down one day and write all about it, but for now my blog, Stillmeadow Quilting, will remain dormant a little while longer.  

I've joined Bloglovin (where future posts to Stillmeadow Quilting may be read) and this is where I can continue to follow along with some of my favorite bloggers.  It appears that my list of blogs that I followed through Google Reader has been transferred to Bloglovin and to Feedly as well.  Apparently several other bloggers are using Feedly to continue reading their blog list.  I've found that Feedly works very well and is perhaps more user friendly than Google Reader has been...apparently I need to claim Stillmeadow Quilting as my blog - for Bloglovin, which I will now claim, boring content and all.  Ha!  There is no "claiming" of blogs required at Feedly.

Hope to keep up with all of you.
All the best,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Joy of the Luck

I left a comment at Carol's Crafty Creations for her Schnibbles pattern giveaway and now, believe it or not, Carol is sending Mon Ami, A Little Bit Country, Joy Luck, Plan C, Sunday Best, Tagalong, Roundabout, Imagine and Daily Doodler. Hmm. I think I'll begin with Roundabout! Or should I start with Joy Luck - considering the joy of my luck, lol. Thanks so much Carol!

Photo borrowed from Carol's blog. :)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

I was very surprised recently to find a package in my mailbox. It was from my friend Karen, who blogs at Quilts A Lot! and is a very talented traditional quilter and is also a very accomplished hand-quilter.
Karen made this needle keep and enclosed a pair of her favorite brand of scissors as well. I added needles and a spool of thread and packed it in my bag to use that very day while waiting through Tom's tests at the clinic. I sewed the binding on a little postage stamp quilt - you know those appointments can take a while. Until now I didn't own a needle keep! This really is nice to have.
Thank you, Karen! I'll think of you each time I pop it in the quilting to-go bag.

Monday, February 21, 2011

I'll Leave You With This...

It's time for me to get back to work here, there's a lot to get done around the house. More fixing, painting and arranging ahead. This time I'm working on painting some furniture, the bathrooms will be torn apart and hopefully put back together again...we'll see how that goes, I may need a bucket. I'll be absent from posting and visiting friends in blogland again for a while, hopefully not for months and months, but for a while.

Until next time. Happy Quilting!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hand knits by D' Marie and a very large chicken

D' knit this cozy soft wool hat and pair of double mittens for Tom. Here's Tom modeling them and waving hello. :-Oh my, he really should come in from the cold.
Deputy Chicken
D' knits for us and I quilt for her. She wanted this rather large Country Threads chicken (Deputy Chicken because of it's star badge) quilt so this is my latest finish for her. It's been on the list of to dos for a long time. Some quilters have UFOs. I have USOs. Unstarted Objects.

Many of you can probably relate to this USO thing, it comes in the form of kits, patterns and fabric purchases that are all tucked away and in some cases for years at a time. I figure that I have enough supplies to keep me busy for a while longer and will require very little shopping in order to finish a project. Typically I need to buy fabric for backing or binding and quilting thread in order to finish things up. Here's an idea, if you need a book of great ideas for using up your stash you might like to follow along with Kim Brackett's Scrap-Basket Sensations Blog Tour. Leave a comment at each blog and you might win your very own signed copy. This is a very special book as it contains the work of a few of quilter friends of mine who helped Kim bring the contents of this book together. I hope you'll follow along.

D' is knitting me a pretty red hat and mittens, but she knits things up so quickly! I can't keep up with this bartering of knitting for quilting thing we've started! Oh well, a happy problem to have.

Happy Quilting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kindness Matters

Tom drew your name out of the hat. :-D
Thanks to all of you for your fun comments!

If it's worth doing once it's got to be worth doing twice! The Kindness Matters door banner pictured on the left is a gift that I sent to a friend and the quilt on the right is hanging on my front door.
I am ready to pass this Cottage Creek pattern for Kindness Matters on to another quilter. If you would like to try your hand at making one, just leave me a note to put your name in the hat. I'll have Tom draw a name "out of the hat" in a couple of days so there will be time to whip one up before Valentine's Day if you'd like, although seeing this happy bird is nice for any time of the year.