Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Feel Dizzy! My Pinwheels Are Spinnin'...

This one is bright and a real eye popper! A crib quilt for one of D's friends, it is very cheerful and hand quilted, too. I am starting to wonder if I was made a quilter just so I can provide quilts for new babies as many of my quilty things done so far have gone to babies. I do enjoy making them for such a special event. It's nice to add a bit of comfort to a new little one's life. We have plenty of snow filled days ahead for quilting and such...I think God gave us the ability to make the quilts that keep us warm as well as plenty of incentive to make them. Brrr! It's cold here in Minnesota and the snow is flying!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Baskets for Christmas...

This quilt is hanging up high on my mom's wall, so this photo isn't the best, but this wall-hanging was a lot of fun to make! It is hand quilted. The basket handles are hand appliquéd. I do believe this is the very very first hand quited piece that I finished! I managed to sew through my finger while attaching the hanging sleeve. An ex-ray and much digging on the doctor's part was required to remove the well embedded needle. Lol, I suspect his sewing skills don't involve sewing into his own finger. While a painful experience, this wall-hanging is not! Baskets are fun!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Being Thankful...

Thanksgiving Day - aka - Blessing Counting Day, is upon us.
Life is very good here. We have many blessings to count.
Hope the same is true for you. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hand Quilting....

This is my nephew Adamo, enjoying his quilt.
This was my first large hand quilting project! My husband made this quilt frame for me. It is a fabulous hand quilting frame! It's a Hinterberg. DH used 3/4" oak rather than pine boards. I no- longer have this sewing space due to the move to our new (old) house, but it was worth the trade off. I have "empty nest" space that works just fine for my sewing and quilting needs.
This quilt was sent to Italy just before Adamo
was born...I do mean "just" before! Whew!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas Angels...

I made several of this sweet angel pictured here on this magazine cover. I gifted everyone
with these cute angels that year, lol, they were so much fun to make I couldn't help myself!

Her wings are quilted. The snowman is also quilted. The angel stands on a table top.
SIL Sue used her as a tree topper.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Tag ---- I'm It!

Jane at Sew Create It! has tagged me. Here's my little blurb of sewing history...

Sew you want to know when I started sewing?
As I recall, about a hundred years ago, I heard my mother's Elna calling me to come sew something. And sew I did. I think I was attempting to make doll clothes for my sister's doll or something like that. I was hooked right away. I loved to make clothes and did sew several garments during my high school years. It was very common for hand made clothes to show up at school in those days. There were sewing classes at school. I recall making a down vest and jacket, goodness but those feathers flew and I did complete two rather ugly blue puff balls! And then there were several of those hair pulling sessions for my poor mom who was trying to help me (a teenager, LOL) complete overly ambitious projects. Thanks Mom! Mom is a very good at sewing but I haven't talked her into trying quilt making. Yet. And I made up for all of the hair pulling by giving her two granddaughters!

Why sew and what did I make? I am a do it yourself sort of person. I have made curtains, pillow and comforter covers, stitchery projects, camping equipment accessories, I can't even recall most of it anymore! I made some of my own clothing as well as those for my daughters, when they came along. Loved making the little girl pinafores and cute PJ's . Now, I buy off the rack. Since I found quilting I don't take time to sew much in the way of clothing or have a desire to make household items...I think I've got everything covered now, so no real need for more at this point in time, but the next home may need something...

Why do I quilt? I am completely in love the art of quilt making. I have no problem cutting up huge amounts of fabric only to to sew them back together again...there seems to be a question looming among non-quilters, they ask, why on earth do people cut up cloth only to sew it all back together? The answer is simple enough. It's just prettier that way! The pieces become a work of art and so much more. Quilts decorate my home, provide warmth through the winter season, make love filled gifts for folks of all ages, especially for newly born babies. Historically, quilts were used as trail maps to guide folks to a safe place...possibly the only way to trick a man into accepting help when lost?

What do I make? Check out my blog from time to time! You'll find out it's all about quilting these days! :)

How has this changed since I began sewing and quilting? I have a blog to share quilt information with fellow quilters' now! :) I have learned to use more ambitious mixtures of color and pattern along the way. I'm more willing to let go of those "safe" ideas from quilting lessons past. I've found that wall-hangings and table runners are a great way to share something quilted. My very very first quilt projects were two hand-pieced patchwork quilts for my daughter's baby dolls. Those little quilts were awfully rough, but I was hooked! While I no longer hand piece blocks (with the exception of an appliqué here and there), my machine piecing and hand quilting skills have improved considerably since those doll quilts! I am more open to a variety of designs, more pattern in my fabrics like batiks, gotta love those batiks!. I substitute kit fabrics with fabric from my stash to tweak them a bit. And now, after seeing what so many other quilter's are up to, I know I need to branch out even further and use those scraps! Think crumbs, strings, quilted postcards...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Bye Bye Daylight Savings Time...

Here I am, fall of 2006. I'm the scary one behind the scare-crow girl. You can tell she's a girl by the flower in her hat. This year's outdoor fall decorating was rained out, not to mention a complete blow-out with the gale force winds we've had. No pretty display at the lamp post this year. Sigh. This fall display was fun to put together. It had orange lights for night time, which reminds me, it's dark earlier! It's too soon. I want my daylight back! All this falling back and forth is hard on a person. :( Grumble, complain....I need more hours of daylight. I wilt without my sunshine. I have resorted to Ott lights for my sunshine fix. I enjoy the lights in the sewing areas, plus, I can see better, true fabric color shows, helps with night photography and helps me feel perkier! Or maybe, LOL, it was the double espresso! Hope you are all surviving the time fall back without too much upset. Happy Quilting to all and to all a good early night! :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

Hope Of Hartford Waiting to Happen...

Not sure how I will quilt this table's been
waiting nearly two years, but I suppose there is still hope!
I have a few projects that lay in various stages of "waiting". Varies from washed and ironed fabric to cut, but yet to begin sewing to partially sewn, but I've lost interest or still needs quilting. These projects pop out at me from time to time to remind me to feel guilty for ignoring them! All that popping out is hard on a person. Finally, I am more determined than ever to be more productive in the finishing UFO department. Stay tuned for news. Is there such a thing as a UFO support group?!

Snow Folks...

Since it's feeling cold enough here in MN for snow to happen, I thought I may as well go ahead and share my stitchery now. These snow folks sure look happy, don't they? I like to make these little pillows to add some interest to our beds. They are fun gifts, too. Someday, I might get around to stitching enough to make a quilt like Linda's at All Stitched Up!