Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year...

Happy New Year to all who have already celebrated the New Year! Happy celebrating to those of you, like me, who have yet to see midnight. Time will tell what we choose to do with this new year...with each day that unfolds in front of us. Hope each day brings all the best choices to pick from this year and always!

Wishing you all many happy quilting, knitting, crafting
and life adventures in 2008.

Wee hours of New Year's Eve.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow Folks...

Quilts of winter's to many quilts, so little time. Sigh.
This is called Through a Winter Window by Pearl Louise Krush and was published in the 2004 holiday issue of The Quilter magazine where I found the pattern.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Bling...

From my friend at "Dances with Frogs"
who teaches me many happy things that make me smile
every single day. Thanks Frogdancer!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas Hustle and Bustle....

We're coming on Christmas, it's coming on strong! Based on what I am reading in the blog lines I get the idea that some of you are feeling some holiday stress, loss of joy, can't get your groove back, lost your mojo...nothing to laugh about here. Those emotions twist us up in knots! Well now, maybe it's time to consider what really matters, forget about doing what doesn't matter so much, and, when you're feeling like you've had enough doing, that's it, no more!

Take a moment to look inside your heart, calm your busy mind and you will remember that Christmas is not about the shopping, the baking, the sewing or excessive holiday decorating. It's about the celebration of a birth. Remember? It's about a birthday, but it's not our birthday that we are celebrating.
So why the overload? Why so many gifts to buy, things to do, quilty things to sew, places to go, food to eat, perhaps spending beyond our means and then stressing over all of it? Please, take a deep breath...light a birthday candle and relax.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Pine Haven...

This is for my DD, Alli. My Minnesota girl! The pattern "Pine Haven Table Runner" is by Jolyn Olson of Blue Earth MN. Jolyn has recently closed her quit shop and retired. This design works out to be a 17 by 31 table runner. I used Moda flannels that I found to be of very nice quality and was a treat to cut and sew. Not sure if I will ever find a link for this pattern as I have had it in my 'things to do' stash for a few years now. You all know how that is...

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Scarf by D'...

DD' made this scraf for me, after I declared defeat! It has been a while since I knit anything and this pretty but dark and fuzzy wool was difficult for me to work with. D' and I have an agreement now. She does our knitting while I stick to the quilting part of our sharing of talents. So far, it seems to work pretty well for both of us! She's whipping up a Lucy Bag
for me now. I can barely wait to see it!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tin Goodies...

Thank you, Kimberly! I am now the proud owner of her fun "Sassy Sixteen" pattern, a signed copy no less! The other goodies need no introduction. I know you all have at least one of these, too. Isn't this batik fabric pretty and it fits right in with my batik stash! The scissor holder (also a pin cushion with the nice padding) will hold sewing notions while I sew my bindings. I need to make some of grandma's cookies to put in the I only 'thought' there would be no baking! LOL!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Out My Sewing Room Window...

A blinding bright, freezing cold sunshine replaced yesterday's warmer snow filled cloudy day. The winter landscape is beautiful! Absolutely gorgeous. The deer were in the yard last night, chewing on the cedar trees. There are three of them...bunnies, too. It's fun to go outdoors in the morning to discover the tracks of who 'visited' during the night.

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Addition to Our Family...

Levi and Finn.

We know they are eight weeks old and half Gordon Setter. The lovely vet took one look and announced that in her opinion the other half is GREAT DANE!! Arf? They are going to eat DD out of house and home, LOL, these two will be able to haul their own kibble home. So far we have two grandkits and three grandpups. These two boys are very sweet, salvaged from the shelter...the best place to find the best friend you'll ever have! DD just couldn't break up the last of the litter so she carted them both home with her. I feel pooped out just thinking about all she needs to do to train and keep up with them. Oh my gosh. What will I do if she asks us to puppy sit! Oh boy...heyyyy, what are they doing on my couch? Hmm, DD?

Four Seasons Quilt Swap...

I don't know how I will not share this secret...can we post this the minute our swap partner receives our winter quilt surprise?

When There Was No Hope...

I began Hope of Heartford two years ago. I was working on it the day I learned that my stepfather had suffered complications during surgery. As a result, he was left with severe injury to his brain. Mom learned rather abruptly that her husband would not recover. Her dear husband, her best friend will pass away within two weeks time.

Meanwhile, I put this quilt away and did not return to quilting for nearly a year. It is still difficult to look at this quilt, but it belongs to my daughter who has patiently waited to see it done. It will finally hang on her wall or grace her table this holiday season. It's pretty and cheerful and will look wonderful in her home! My poor mom will read this and most likely cry...but I know mom, that you will agree it is time this quilt was finished and about time for me to work through some lingering grief. I felt little hope of accomplishing either. But I did.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Oh Snowy Night...

The Weather folks are right on target with their forecast for snow. It's absolutely pouring snow! Big beautiful flakes are piling up outside while I am tucked away here in my cozy warm sewing room, writing this post while listening to Josh Groban sing beautiful songs. Snow sets the mood for Holly Jolly greetings. Greetings to those of you who hold other beliefs close to your heart at this time of year. I share my wish for PEACE in our world with all of you.