Friday, January 25, 2008

A Day at the Beach...

A weather system was moving in as I left.
I did manage to have a couple of sunny
hours to enjoy the was heaven!
Hard to believe, but there isn't a quilt shop
anywhere that can top this experience.

Road to California...

A beautiful drive over to Ontario Convention Center.
We wanted to arrive early...where we waited in a line to park, then waited in line to
enter the convention center. Who minds when the sun is
shining and the temperature is mild!

Eleanor greets us as we enter the convention center.

Didn't take long to swoop in on Marti Michell for a
book signing. She is absolutely the sweetest, and,
so very talented. She knows her stuff.
Her fabric line is beautiful!

Of course meeting Eleanor Burns was an event in itself!
If you don't know her or "Quilt in a Day", check it out soon.
This is Diane, she's the red haired girl who is a next door neighbor who
opened her sewing room and all it contained to me while I am staying
here in CA. Such large generosity can only come from a quilter!!
I must say, Eleanor was feeling very silly and we were well worn
cause it was HOT in there by the time we took this photo!!!!
We sure did have some good fun. Such a nice experience.

Quilting Friends Group...

Hemet Valley Guild members, Diane, Pat and Patty are new members who wanted a lesson in applique' work. I taught them the freezer paper/starch method. The most difficult part of the lesson was getting the thread through the needle! We spent more time over girl talk than sewing...such a fun evening with these California girls!

Friday, January 18, 2008

My Four Seasons Quilt Swap has arrived in Italy!

Hi Kim,
I received today your fantastic quilt " four seasons quilt swap". I'm very happy and I like it so much. Thanks.

Ciao from Italy

Marisa at Magica Puglia Patch has received her swap quilt in spite of a transport strike in Italy. Whew! You never know what will happen once the package leaves our hands...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Miles and Miles Away...

Snow capped San Jacinto Mountains are beautiful to admire and gloriously far away. I saw a truck driving along Esplanade Avenue with water pouring out the bottom because the snow piled in the back was melting! Must have driven down from Idyllwild which is at the top of this mountain in the photo (I am staying 2 miles (or so) from the base of this mountain). Was one of those "wish I had my camera handy" moments! I'm sure you can picture it well enough...

"Rosy Riveter"

I couldn't help but chuckle out loud when I saw this fabric. I just happen to love Rosy! You know Rosy has been there for us girls, guiding us through many a cause and now she is leading all quilters to accomplish their wildest dream quilts! I'm thinking that I will frame one of these panels to hang in my sewing room. She will either inspire me to tackle that really big quilt project or (strong arm?) to forge on to the end when the going gets tough! "Rosy Riveter" panels are 22X24. The Quilter's Coop in Temecula CA has a bag made up out of these panels with more of the polka dot fabric for the handles and small print Rosy fabric for the lining.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Four Seasons Quilt Swap...

Hey Julia! You can share your swap quilt with the entire world now! DH called to let me know that it arrived in the mail. He took photos of everything and emailed it to me (here in CA) so I wouldn't have to wait a month to see it! Oh! MY! GOSH! I LOVE IT. ALL of it! Thank you so very much. You put so much love and attention to detail into my quilt. I had tears in my eyes when I saw it, I can't wait to hold it. I will always treasure it as well as the other gifts which I will post ASAP. I just happen to love Fons and Porter magazine too. I really can't thank you enough! Please catch this big hug I am sending through the internet lines.

Yaya's Coffee House and Internet Cafe'...

Hello everyone! I am attempting to keep up with all of you while living in CA for the month, however, without the benefit of wireless service for my computer this means running to "Yaya's Coffee House" (you may hear this name often as it is a cozy spot to spend time) to post photos to my blog so I can share a little something. Sigh. Such big troubles! I truly believe I will get my act together by Monday! You may see something by then.

I sure appreciate receiving notes. Such good company you all are! I am happy to report that the warm weather has been healing. I am enjoying to my daily walk once again. I've been to four quilt shops this week. No huge purchases so far, but I can say that I have found each shop to be welcoming, helpful and a new flavor of fabrics and designs to sample at each one. It is so true about quilters being naturally friendly and caring. What a wonderful thing to experience.

This is my Mum reading her morning paper over coffee while patiently waiting for me to catch up with everyone on the blog lines.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Frogdancer's Meme...Eight Random Things About Me.

Dancing With Frogs has tagged me with this meme! Oh goodness, what has not already said.

*I adore fun, quirky, open, easy, mostly happy people who just happen to be quilters!
*Cheese cake is my favorite cake.
*As an adult, I have always had a dog for a companion...they are always house dogs.
*Cats are a comfy lap full of goodness, too. Lucky to have a pair of each.
*I think all good things should come in pairs! LOL, 2 dogs, 2 cats, 2 kids.
*My house is too big for me! I'm starving for a simpler life style.
*I don't love winter, but I hate whining, so you won't hear any more on this subject!
*I do love the smell and feel of new fabric.
*My family is my favorite thing in the whole world. I miss my girls being little people.
*Digital camera, lap-top and blogging are standard life necessities.
*I covet long-arm quilt machine artist's talent!
*I can't count...

But I can tag! Fairybreads, Guorun, Julie K Quilts, With Thread in Hand, Sew Create It!, Luv 2 Stitch, The Quilter.