Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Rest of the Story...

Here is my mom and me, waiting to join friends for dinner.

As it turned out there was more to the story about Raggedy than I knew. Mom had stopped by Yaya's (my most favorite Coffee House in all of CA) for a bit of breakfast and a Cuppa. On her way from the parking lot she noticed a van parked out front with a sign advertising "Raggedy Old Annies"! Once inside Yaya's she saw a couple of gals sitting on the couch visiting over a cup of coffee. So, she headed over and asked if they knew anything about the van or Raggedys. Sure enough, Nicole was one of those gals sitting there that morning and the rest is history. Nicole didn't breath a word about the surprise, even though I had talked to her about a special Raggedy that I coveted and my thoughts on a pattern I might like to try. Mom got such a kick out of meeting Nicole who then conspired with her to surprise me. Thanks again Mom!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Gifted by the Talented Linda...

I am the lucky girl who's name was drawn during Linda's All Stitched Up 200th Post Celebration! As it turns out, this is a "made for me" gift. Linda is a very talented quilter who blesses us with her friendship, stitchery goodies, quilts and bags. Thank you, Linda! You have brightened my days with this kindness, and left my mail delivery person very curious about all the packages she leaves in our box. Especially the soft squishy type! Good thing Wendy didn't add pins to her pincushion. "Somebody" might have been stabbed during the squishing, um, delivery!

Look Who Came To Live With Me...

Raggedy Old Annie by Nicole is a treasure my mom surprised me with today. She is the sweetest little raggedy girl. She's melted my heart. I already adore the little peanut! Nicole is making these one of a kind Raggedies out there in Hemet CA. I had noticed Nicole's addie on her blog (being a famous Raggedy maker is pretty special). I figured that mom would get a kick out of this cause Nicole lives practically right in her backyard. Soooo mom checked it out and surprised me with my very own Raggedy girl! Now isn't that the sweetest story? Maybe they'll run into each other at Yaya's. Thanks Mom...funny that you are sending me a present when it's your birthday this Friday. Happy birthday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Never Complain About Snirt...

Mother nature is always happy to come along to pretty things up for you again! Argh. More Snow. It is very pretty, heavy and sticky. Great snowball and snowman making snow. Looks like another good day to dedicate to quilting. Maybe some baking too.

Lucy's showing you a giant snowflake settled there on her nose.

Happy Quilting!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Mr. Postman! Please look and see...

Ooooh! There's a letter in his bag for me! The sweetest pincushion has arrived! Wendy, of Snippets of a Quilter, sent this pretty pincushion all the way across Canada to MN. That's about 1,787 miles from her doorstep to mine. You need to be a very brave li'l pincushion to fly all that way. Wendy saw my dire need for a decent pincushion, so she made one up and sent this brave little cushion on it's way to Stillmeadow. It's settling in, getting cozy and warm after it's long cold trip across the frozen tundra. I don't have the heart to stab a pin into the little cutie...yet. But I will, Wendy! I promise it will be at my side, holding my threaded quilting needles tomorrow morning as I continue the stitching on Kay's quilt. Thank you!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

This is what I am working on...

Hello everyone! I'm here at Stillmeadow, quietly stitching away. This is it for quilting activity right now!

I have spent all of my quilting time working here at the hand-quilting frame. Kay's quilt is coming along nicely.
The end is in sight. Should be able to add the binding by the end of next week. Then this old quilt is heading to the spa for a luxury bath in Synthrapol!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pathetic Pincushion...getting right to the point, Ouch!

Okay, the story is as follows. Carey, over at Blueberry Lane Designs suggested a visit to Lynette's place at Lynette Anderson Designs and then she suggested that Lynette would just LUV to see a photo of my most used pincushion posted on my blog here at Stillmeadow Quilting, and (geesh) further suggests that I should be sure to let Lynette know that I have done so. So she can take a peek at my pathetic pincushion, if you can call it that! So, here she is with her prickly pile of weapons just waiting to poke my poor little fingers when I go for a pin...time for a real pincushion. Can you feel my pain?

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Machine Quilting Must Haves...

Supreme Slider. Learned about
this in machine quilting class. Wonderful!!

Machingers. Love these gloves!!