Sunday, July 27, 2008

Four Season Summer Swap Quilt Arrives in the Lone Star State...

Flowers are pretty this year.

Using the salvage edge of the fabric is all the rage now. Leaving in the words "Seasons" by Kansas Troubles seemed perfect for this summer's quilt for the Four Seasons Quilt Swap.

Unlike Kansas, Sandy at Rabbit Stitchings has no troubles!
This quilt is a hit with her!

I just have to share the very happy and enthusiastic "Thank You" note that I received from her last night. With Sandy's permission;
Hi Kim,
I got a package in the mail from you today! I would like to tell you I like the quilt, but I can't say I like it.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! Like simply doesn't cover it! THANK YOU!

My DH thinks its just great too, he said look it has the Texas flag too.... I will assume you knew that but if not we are the Lone Star State and our flag has a Lone Star! We LOVE the chickens! DH said he really liked the watermelon slice too :O)....and we both laughed and said "Eggs 50 cents" because you see our chickens have yet to lay one egg for us! We go out every day looking, looking, ... no eggs yet LOL.... they are at the age that any day we should find a egg! Of course we have been saying that for the last month LOL....

We have the perfect spot to hang this, once hung I will take a picture so you can see and I will most definitely put a picture of this beauty on my blog!!! oh and I so do not plan to tan dye this is PERFECT the way it is !!

Thank you again for your wonderful work and all the time you put into this quilt.... and for taking the time to look at my blog and do something that is so perfect for us!!!

Truly we just love it,
Well, I am relieved and happy that my Country Threads inspired quilt was so well received by Sandy and her husband. It has a great home. Margaret encourages us to read our swap partner's blog to get an idea of what she (he) enjoys. Sandy's postings offer a very strong sense of what she loves and this helped set my creativity in motion.

Happy Quilting!

PS: Linda, I know you are loving the fabulous thank you note etiquette here...

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mr. Stork Can Come Along Anytime Now...

The quilt is done! I free-motion quilted it on my Juki...easy as pie
and Pooh would agree, sweet as honey!

D' (DD1) dropped by this afternoon to grab up the quilt and run off to give this to Angie and Cory, they are expecting their first child. She is VERY happy with it and assured me that Angie is going to LUV it too. Now, on to a (gift) quilt for Allie (DD2) to give to her friend who thankfully is not due for a few months yet. Whew!

Happy quilting, stitching and crafting!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Baby Needs A Quilt...

Here is this week's project...I know, I am supposed to be doing "other things", but I'm using this cute fabric to make a comfy baby quilt. It's my calling in life to make quilts to welcome babies into this world, or so it seems, lol, I have made more of those than anything else! They are happily received, well loved and sweetly snuggle up those tiny babies, so how can I resist?

Doesn't he look comfy there, sleeping like a baby!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Paula, The Quilter has shared this award with me and a few of her blogger friends...thank you, Paula. I would like to extend this award to all who visit me here at Stillmeadow Quilting, old and friends yet to be, consider yourself awarded! I think that all of the blogging quilters and crafters that I visit have wonderful blogs where a wealth of information and kindness is shared. Typically I do not participate in Awards or Tags, but this award needed to be accepted from my friend and shared.

Blog On!

Friday, July 11, 2008

A Soft Package from Poland...

Thank you Brigitte! Brigitte sent a very nice letter along with her pincushion, telling me a bit about her quilting history and family life (she is an empty nester too). She hand sewed my lovely pincushion!! She does very nice work, I can easily see that she has had a lot of practice perfecting her craft. The bead work reflects light from my sewing lamps...there is a lot of sparkle and shine. I wish they showed better in my photo. I hope you will visit Brigitte over at Beadtex. She has some interesting things going on. Can you see the thimble sitting on the pincushion? She must know that I am a hand quilter. Also, there is a tiny clock (button) sewn in the center of the pincushion. Annemiek zoomed in to see the lovely beading, and the clock. She left this note for me in the comment section. "You know what they say: "time becomes meaningless in the face of creativity"....its a lovely gift"! How true this is...just ask my husband.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pincushion Arrives at Miss Bee...

My secret swap friend has received her pincushion package. at "Miss Bee" has posted all about it...head on over for a visit. She has a lovely blog and is expecting to post some fabulous news, very soon.

Linda, thank you so much for organizing the swap. You've drawn my attention to some fun and interesting folks.

Happy Swappin' and Stitchin'!