Saturday, August 30, 2008

Finally, A Guy's Kind of Shop...?

So far she's looking like an ordinary yarn shop. I'm thinking, (sigh) boring already. Tom, bring the car around. We're leaving. He just stands there next to this sign and laughs...
Awe, geezzz...he's curious! Now we have to go inside?!

This sign has two meanings. First, the shop is open for business. Second, you need to keep an OPEN MIND. If you happen to be a knitter, keep your head - literally - as you walk through the Yarn Garage door.

We stepped inside and OH MY GOSH!! We had stepped into a crazy, crazy good knitters haven! Tons of knitting stuff falling onto the floor, stacked floor to ceiling, looks like a big mess in here. Is this organized chaos or a bizarre crime scene?

Exotic yarns, samples galore and all things knitting, you probably could not or should not ask for more? I gawked and sighed, I wish D' were here, she would know what to do with all of this knitting debris - goodness. Ooh...I hear giggles...I tip toe ahead and what do I find but knitters all tucked in among the yarn at the waaaay back of the shop! They are learning about knitting, chatting and crime in that. They were very friendly, as you might expect. I was very excited and honestly a bit out of my element in here. I shook as I photoed. Hope you can get the idea. If you are a knitter and within range of Rosemount, MN. This is the Knitters Haven you have been searching for. The owner of the shop says he loves to teach and invited us in for a lesson. That's typical Minnesota nice, ya know. Thanks for the visit Yarn Garage Man!

We Loved his shop!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Grand Opening...

Helena is having a grand opening and is offering a give-away to
celebrate her brand new quilt studio!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Quilt and Craft Hangers...

Ackfeld Manufacturing makes some great quilt hangers and many other supplies. Check it out here. I have used several of these and find them to be of very good quality!

Hope you find something you can use,


I piled it up and took the requested photos...just for you, Julia, Linda and Connie! It's all squeeeshed together, but you can probably see that I came home with a few flannels and homespuns. The Gypsy Gripper really does hold onto the rotary ruler very well and is comfortable to use. No more walking my fingers up the ruler. The Flexlens magnifier is for my sewing machine so I can see better. It is very nice!

Happy Quilting!

Witchy Poooo...

You can find her here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rosebud's Cottage of St. Paul MN...

I brought the pattern and supplies home to make this threesome. I may need to tweak the hair color love love these quilter friends!

Rosebud's Cottage is the cutest shop! She carries a lot of wool, stitchery and quilt supplies. They offer great classes for those of you who are within driving range, this shop has a nice classroom and good ideas. The patterns for the Joined at the Hip trunk show shown above, are in the shop right now. The small quilts are adorable. Especially the witch. I bet you all have someone in mind who you could make that for. Click on the blue linked words for ordering information.

Tee hee...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Emily's Country Cottage of Bemidji, MN...

Emily has two shops in Bemidji. Click here for a shop tour. Nice things and very nice people!

Treasure Makers of Remer...

Due to copyright issues, Doreen could only allow me to point and shoot a few areas of this wonderful shop. The exterior of the building is completely painted in quilty fun as is the inside. I encourage a visit to see this shop just to see the building. There is plenty of quilty goodness inside to keep any quilter happy.

Treasure Makers

I found the new (to me, lol) Flannel Woolie's and plenty of great Homespuns that I love!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Quilt Minnesota 2nd Annual Shop Hop 2008...

Stillmeadow Quilting has been very quiet for the past two weeks because we were out cruising the shops during the Quilt Minnesota state wide shop hop. Yep, Tom draaaaagged me for miles and miles to see shop after shop, I HAD to buy yaaaards of fabric and quilty things, oh my!

The Bear Patch is in White Bear Lake, Minnesota

This is their Quit Minnesota quilt for the 2008 Shop Hop
Each shop made up bags, table runners and wall quilts out of
the MN fabrics. They did a nice display.

A peek at a shop and display in one of the FORTY FIVE quilt shops that Tom and I visited in the past two weeks. Each shop from Duluth to North Dakota (just had to cross the line) was unique with a personality of it's own. Some shops did not allow photos, but from those who did I have photos to come! I saw the sweetest shops and met some of the nicest folks along the way...

Stay tuned!!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Summer" Comes to Stillmeadow...

Doesn't this quilt say summer?! My Four Seasons Summer Quilt Swap partner is Beth!

I told Beth; I sure do love this wonderful quilt that you made for me, she said...
I am so glad you like it! I kept reading your preferences over and over and over, and I started to fret about what to make you, and I looked at your blog a bunch of times, and then I just went for it.
Those are indeed her very words! I know I did my share of the fretting over every swap quilt that I've made, I'm guessing that most of us do, right?! Somehow we manage to get it right. That Beth put her design talent to work to come up with this design for me makes this a special quilt. She hand sewed the appliqué pieces to the know I love hand stitching and quilting!

Beth and I both adore Country Threads and draw inspiration from their designs. Beth said that she would like to visit Country Threads and I hope she has an opportunity to do that. I can spend hours at "the farm". Mary, Connie and Staffers make this a unique and worthwhile destination...I'll meet you there, Beth!

Beth, thank you so very much! Love this made for me quilt! Your fretting really paid off, lol, for me anyhew!
Happy Quilting!