Sunday, October 26, 2008

Autumn Gifts...

D' came to visit with a batch of fresh from her kitchen canned apple sauce, pie fillings and her Raspberry Jam that is gone in a flash good!  She grows her own berries, too.  The fat quarters are from Julia.  She wanted to share a bit of the fun from her Shop Hop tour in Salt Lake City, Utah...thanks, Julia, I've already used up two of those fats! Paula surprised me with her hand knit dishcloths.  I had mentioned that this is what I love to use in my kitchen and there they were! She is a talented knitter! Thank you, Paula, for adding to a week of sweet autumn surprise gifts and thoughtfulness.  

Happy Autumn!

Happy News...Stork Arrives in WI

Welcome to the World!

Cash Alan Knutson will soon be home, snuggled beneath his Stillmeadow Quilt.  His parents, Cory and Angie are friends of our DD1, D'.  Angie works with D'.  Gosh, sure feels great to have such fun and happy news to share!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Sweet Apple Man...

Tom is pleased with his apples!  Here he is asking his favorite baker/quilter lady if these beauties that he just picked from his apple tree could be turned into an apple pie. 

Ala mode please!  :)


Certainly has been an eventful few weeks here at Stillmeadow. Started with Schuster's thread incident. He is hanging in there. He has lost weight so we took him back to the Vet. He just does not want to eat or drink much and continues to throw up basically nothing but slime. Will be heading back to the Vet on Wednesday.

Here's Tom and Bob (right) laughing over some inside joke! Nice to see those smiles when they were together last week.

Bob has suffered a post surgery infection that kept him in the hospital for a couple of days. He's feeling weak and just not well. Soon he will travel to the Mayo Clinic for tests and advice. He needs to be healthy before the doc's can begin his Chemotherapy.

That Bob, he's such a good guy!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Schuster Uses One of His Nine Lives...

Our dear little Schuster...

got himself into a bit of a pickle.  This is the story... Simon and Schuster had gone off their food. Thinking there must be a problem with that batch of food, Tom runs out to the store for a fresh bag.  Simon starts eating again, we thought Schuster had too, but then the vomiting began.  Nasty nasty green stuff came out of him, he refused to eat and was losing weight quickly.  He was a very sick little guy and we were worried!!  So off to see Dr. Goebel we go.  Upon examination, Dr. Goebel (who is well aware of quilters and their thread being everywhere) announced that our kitty has a thread wrapped around his little tongue and he hoped there wasn't a needle involved at the other end.  A needle!!  Oooh no! He explained that cats have those hooky things to keep the food heading down to the hatch, sooo the thread couldn't come back out the way it went in, no matter how hard Schu tried to get it out it wasn't gonna move either direction without assistance. Doctor Goebel took two X-rays and sure enough, the thread was already starting to accordian the intestines and it needed to come out now! Schuster was taken into the surgery suite where he was given some medication to calm him (I could have used some too!) so the thread could be removed from his tongue and then gently pulled to see if it would agree to come out of his stomach.  Not all of the thread would come out so it was cut off with the hope that the rest of it would find it's way out the other end.  The sample taken from his tummy is 25 inches long! No needle.  Whew!   

Once our little guy was home and comfy, I went looking to find out what he had gotten into.  Aha! I found the source of Schuster's misery...the only thread left out of storage was a cone of thread sitting on a cone holder, a little over two feet of thread had been threaded from the cone to the machine needle.  He had chewed the thread off the cone and then swallowed up all of the thread that was attached to the machine like a piece of spaghetti, or so I think...the little bugger! Well, now that I know what he did I am very surprised that I didn't find a dead cat laying right there on my sewing table. We had taken steps, Tom replaced the sewing room door with one of those old fashioned looking screendoors (in both sewing rooms) because of this situation - click here, and it was a good solution that seemed to work until the day that Schuster took full advantage of an open door.  Yep, I forgot to listen for the sound of the screen door slapping shut...the door had not closed.  

The funny thing is that the offending thread, after few days in Schuster's inside parts, appeared to be in perfect condition! Perhaps the manufacturer of Signature Thread would like to hear this story?  I do like this thread and would recommend it, but I will say that it is a bit pricey at $226.00 for two feet of this tasty thread.    
As for Schuster, he is on the mend.  The rest of the thread eventually made it's escape out "the other end".   Sigh. 

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Purple Cone Flowers and a Few Things to Boot...

Finished this...

STILL working on this . . . 

Finished this!

So it can hang here! 

And now we're SWINGIN"!

Hope your projects are coming together nicely.  Big hugs and happy quilting!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

PC Crash...

My PC had suffered a HUGE Crash! All is well now that we know what crashed on my computer and we were able to remedy the situation!

But my mouse is still missing...hee hee, thanks Ute!

I really truly had a PC Crash and it was UGLY!  No sweet kittens involved...