Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sewing Machine Covers.

I would like to make some covers for my sewing machines.  You know the kind that resemble toaster covers, lol.  I need something to keep the dust and light off my machines.  Any thoughts on this?  Designs you might like to share?  I have a Kitchen Aide Mixer cover that works well for my Serger. Has a pocket on the front to store the control pedal and cords.  Wish they made SM covers, too.  

Thanks for the ideas shared here!  I think I can come up with something now.  :D

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Midwest Pride Saturday III

Update:  Thanks to all who wrote with excellent ideas for personalizing or tweaking this quilt to make it a little bit more mine, or, more Minnesota.  I was so inspired by your ideas and concluded that what I need to do is this - I need to make a Minnesota Quilt!  After two statewide MN shop hops I have plenty of MN related fabrics and with the ideas you have shared I know that this quilt will better showcase all things Minnesota.  As for Midwest Pride, I am going to make this quilt pretty much as the designer thought she should be done.  I like it.  A nice summer quilt with one of summer's prettiest and juiciest treats - a pretty slice of watermelon goodness!  I have to chuckle over all of you go through this process of analyzing what your quilts will be once the thread settles?  

It's Saturday and I am back to the design board.  Sewed my flying geese together, flag section is ready for the applique stripes, patchwork is looking good - the blank section is that way because I am trying to decide what to put there.  The pattern calls for a watermelon, which I like, the color adds to the quilt, however, being from the Midwest area, trees are a more the norm of what you see, Pine Tree or Watermelon?  Maybe something else.  What?  A lake with a boat on it? Hmm, well, I do live in The Land of 10,000 Lakes...what do YOU think should go in that spot? Let me know what you think, would love some thoughts on this! 

Happy Sewing Day! 

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

D's Knittin' Me Some Wool Mittens!

Mittens are finished and worn.  They are wonderful in our cold temps!  Happy to say that we had 40F degrees today.  A real MN winter heat wave, lol.  Of course the temps and wind has turned bitter cold again, but who cares?  I have double duty wool mittens to keep my heart warm.  Thanks so much D', for the mitt's and other goodies that you brought for me.  A big thank you to my friend, Wendy.  She gave us the pattern for the mittens.  D' is already knitting another pair.

The mittens match the yarn that was used to make this felted wool bag.  D' made that for me last year, I use it all the time, love it!  She also brought my 2009 Calendar Book (she made that, too!) and the Obama Peace Tree t-shirt - love that!  Thanks D'!  

Double, as in knitting two mittens in one! Looks difficult if you ask me. That's why DD, D's the knitter...she likes difficult.  Right D'?  Wool mittens, yep, perfect for our bitter cold Minnesota weather.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Midwest Pride Saturday II

Midwest Pride Saturday Sew along...

The goal was to get this center square pieced...did that.  On to the border squares today.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What Am I Doing This Weekend?

I think we spent more time getting fabric together (a quick dash out to the LQS for more homespun) and chatting than cutting and sewing, know how it is when girls get together!  Good thing we have tomorrow to continue. Next weekend I hope to do the wool applique' blocks.  So that's it for me ~ Until tomorrow...

Midwest Pride!

Colleen over at Primitive Quits and Gardens has a wish coming true today.  She is beginning her Midwest Pride quilt!  Beth and I are keeping her company! Sandy from over at Rabbit Stitchings is thinking she will get on board, too.  It's going to be fun and this quilt is a beauty, isn't it?

The pattern can be found in the spring/summer 2007 Quilt Shop Sampler from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine or at The Cotton Shop.

Hope you have a fun project going today!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

What Could Be More Warm and Cozy than a Rag Quilt? The Cuddly Hubby Behind the Quilt, LOL!!!!

This flannel quilt is for all seasons.  The front has flowers...

The back side of the quilt is less flowery, more Autumnish. 
Sort of a wintery warm, if winter can be considered warm!  

See?  I can still make a quilt!  My first Rag Quilt ever was a good and interesting experience, but not something I am eager to repeat any time soon.  I prefer regular quilt top piecing and quilting. Rag quilts take plenty of time and the edge cutting gets old, even with those special scissors! Same amount of work and I know.

Tom loves it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009