Monday, June 29, 2009

A Sundog or Somewhere Over the Rainbow?

It's a bit faint, but it's the first of the season and it's a sweet summer treat! What looks like a rainbow is actually a Sundog!

Rainbows remind me of pets who have passed away and you know how it is when you lose a dear sweet fur friend, it hurts for the longest time. I am really missing Tanna this summer, she died last November. I expect to see her basking in her favorite sunny spot where she would enjoy her daily doggie sauna (she was the original sundog, lol) or as she was in this photo laying under a shade tree while watching for a squirrel to chase. Her sunny spot is right next to the patio where I love to sit in my own favorite shady spot while reading or stitching away a gorgeous Minnesota summer day. You know, when I glance over to Tanna's spot I could swear that for a snip of a moment I see her napping there and I miss her.

Recently Tom and I watched the movie Marley and Me. I had already read the book and it was sad enough, but when we watched that movie we thought it was so stinking sad at the end ~ like losing Tanna all over again. Sigh. I had no idea the impact that movie would have...I dunno, I guess I wish I hadn't watched it. Sort of opened the wound again, ya know?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Carol Creates for Kids...

I had a mixed stash of fabric that seemed perfect for Carol's creations so I decided to do a bit of a PIF to help her continue with this fun project for kids. As you can see she is having a great time with this project! Can you see his little tongue poking out there? Cute!

Summer is here and with it comes vacation ~ I have Tom all to myself for a week :o) ~ we have busy times, time to take the boat out on the big lake and happy flowers blooming in the gardens! I just love this time of much to enjoy.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Ruler Rack ~ New Sewing Digs and other things...

Here's a peek into my new main floor sewing room~ I know, it's a bit of a messy place right now. The move down the stairs offers easier access and will be a cooler location for the summer months ahead (YAY).  I do miss the southern exposure my "upstairs" sewing room offered, but this change will cut down on the need to use the A/C.   No more view overlooking the back yard and tree tops but a change of scenery to the front yard is okay.

It's a bit of a mess in the new sewing digs, but I want to share this excellent custom rotary cutting ruler rack that Tom made for me.  Yup, he spent some time in that fancy carpenters workshop of his, lol, where he whipped up this rack in no time at all.   He used a vinyl board, a left over from siding and trimming the exterior of our house.  It has a smooth surface and unless you need a color other than white it requires no painting.  Tom also added a new spot light track light system in a brushed nickel color - took the place of the dining room chandelier.  Has the day light type bulbs - fabrics have a more accurate color appearance and I can see so much better now.  I do use the Ott lights at the sewing table and while selecting fabric colors.  They also help relieve symptoms of SAD.

I love that these are handy - no more hunting for rulers.
Holds 25 + rulers!  Thank you sweetie, now I can add to my collection.  :o)

I love this wire basket.  It holds my rotary cutting mats and a few things that ahem, fall in there, too.  There you see a "tiny" preview of the fabric I have been sorting through.  Perhaps I will skip the Quilt Minnesota Shop Hop 2009  , but the Minnesota Quilters Show and Conference is coming up next week...the Vendor Mall.  

This OLFA ruler has been a wonderful tool.  I was having trouble seeing the lines to cut (with all the glare that comes off a regular ruler) so I thought what the heck I'll try this frosted baby that offers no slipping and I love it!  I bought this 24 by 6 inch ruler for cutting the full width of the fabric.  What a difference this has made in cutting accuracy and my eyes are thanking me for it.   Also picked up the 6 by 12 inch, these are now my rulers of choice.

On the sewing-room front...I am clearing out draws and shelves, hauling things down the stairs from my old sewing room and taking inventory of fabric and supplies while I am at it.  Pressing, measuring and folding to accommodate my new sewing room storage ~ less of it... my goodness but my fabric pantry is well stocked!  You know how it is...