Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I used Natalia's tutorial, a few odd charms and a bit of leftover yardage for a nice scrappy looking top. Add some free-motion meandering and there you have it, a sweet little 38"x38" quilt ready and waiting for another little one to come along. The binding is Make Life by Sweetwater's raspberry red, which BTW, is not the official name for this color - I made that up...I do wish I had more of it.

Hope you find a few simple yet delightful quilts to make. There certainly is something to be said for simplicity. Happy quilting!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Make Life is Sweet

Life has been busy here at Stillmeadow. Plenty of plain old everyday life and spring time happenings going on around here. That's a good thing! A few rainy days provided much needed time in the sewing room. See? The Juki is getting a workout! Love this machine.
This quilt is for a baby who will be born this summer. Make Life by Sweetwater is perfect for this first time mom-to-be who wants something outside the usual pastel baby colors and prints. I used the pattern Charm Squares Baby Quilt from Sew Mama Sew. PDF of instructions is here. I expanded the quilt size by using two charm packs instead of one, making this a crib size quilt.
D' chose Make Life Silly Multicolor for the backing and I quilted it simply with straight line quilting. It's been washed twice using color catcher sheets and had very little color bleed from this Moda fabric - no red bleed from the raspberry red binding.
Life is sweet...
Hope life is treating you well and has you busy creating fun things.
PS: Original quilt (pattern) is by Sew Mama Sew, a joint effort with Oh, Fransson! Some say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but I say "why reinvent the wheel"?! Inspiration for Make Life by Sweetwater fabric, Nancy's blog.
Our doorbell has been out of order for months and months. I've missed deliveries and who knows what (probably Girl Scout cookies!) because the bell has been out of order. I've been waiting for Mr. Honeydo to repair the wiring so it will ring again - it's been on his list for a while. Imagine my surprise when it the bell ding donged today. Lucy raced me to the door and there we found our happy mail carrier with a package in her arms. Nothing fun, just stuff Tom ordered. Darn. But she told me to wait right there cause she had more packages and they are for you, she said as she exclaimed that this must be my lucky day. I think she's starting to recognize return address labels on my mail...ahem.

Here is what I found in one package. Nice, huh? :-D My friend Carol keeps close tabs on birthdays and not a one gets by that girl! . When she asked about mine I was a bit vague, gave her the month, but she figured it out anyway and sent gifts. She sent me one of her friendship bags. See her special label sewn inside there?
I found Kansas Troubles Butterfly Garden charms - LUV KT! There's the Schnibbles Scratch pattern - cute as usual, but look what Carol had made up especially for me. When she ordered her custom labels she had them make Stillmeadow Quilting labels for me. She thought I might like them. Like them? I love them!! How fun to have custom signature labels for my quilts! I am so impressed that Carol thought to do this for me. It's just her way to think ahead to do special things for her friends. She also posts pictures of gifts on her blog, this bag was right there under my nose and I had no idea, lol. She sews for so many, how could I guess? Although now when I see something I really love posted around my birthday time I may be suspicious.
To make things even more interesting a package from Quilt Hollow arrived today as well. BTW I am wondering if Carol and Mary are in on this birthday thing! Mary has special connections to find out certain things, too. Hmm... Mary sent me a package of the Moda scrap strips that I have been curious about. She also tucked a cute wooden box - it's round and has this pin cushion attached to the top. She added some rickrack that will go on a little pillow I have on my list of things to do - notice she added a cute notepad for making my lists. I'm a list maker, however, I need a list to remember to look at my lists. Hey! I am 5o-ish now, these things happen!
So thanks for repairing the doorbell Mr. Honeydo! Who knows when I would have discovered my "lucky day" packages if you had not? Thank you Carol and Mary, thanks for making my birthday week a special one.

Friendship is gift enough for me, but these are two fun girls who always take things up a notch just to make sure you know you are well loved. I know many of you know exactly what I'm saying here. :-D

A Knitter I am Not

I think knitting looks relaxing and fun (no idea why) so I began this wool bag project well over a year ago, picking it up from time to time but not making much progress after a year's time. I've decided that I am simply not much of a knitter. DD1, D' is a knitter. She creates magical things from wool yarn - I do not and I don't care, lol. One day I handed the supplies to D' and asked (okay, begged) her to PLEASE turn this into a bag! The bag I started is the one pictured here (with white buttons). It's fine. A perfectly nice bag...but.
D' had better ideas. I love this bag! It's far better suited for my needs and is amazingly beautiful as well. The cable design is done perfectly.

I love it. Thanks D'!
PS: Here is the link where you will find a wonderful knitter's blog and the instructions for making this bag. Enjoy!